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The Right Part at the Right Price

Elite Avionics Service, Inc. has two full-service aviation repair centers offering competitive rates for avionic equipment upgrades, repairs, and inspections. Our hanger is open for customers to fly right in, even without an appointment. We follow strict testing procedures to accurately analyze the issue and arrive at the appropriate solution the first time. You may have arrived in an aging aircraft, but it will feel like brand-new once our crew is finished. All costs depend on the parts and labor required to install or upgrade the aircraft.

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Upgrade Any Instrument in the Aircraft

Whether you want a new GPS, multifunction display, radio, communication center, autopilot system or electronic backup instrument, Elite Avionics Service, Inc. is the solution. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to help you in any capacity ranging from showing you the various upgrades and parts to weighing the options and figuring the cost.

To ensure the highest quality service, our technicians check for bugs or malfunctions in any new part before and after it is installed. Once all the components have been wired and evaluated for proper function, we test fly the plane or helicopter to verify its real-time performance before giving it the all clear for you to pick it up.

Retrofitted, New Autopilot Systems

Elite Avionics Service, Inc. is the source for new autopilot systems. Since the autopilot system is specific, we require the serial number and make of the aircraft in order to match the proper system with the existing electronics.

Electronic Locating Transmitters

In the event of a crash or surprise landing, having an electronic locating transmitter can dramatically raise the chances of your survival. Make sure your unit is fully operational by bringing it in for a diagnostic test. We can test the batteries and replace any that have expired as well as replace the entire unit if needed.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Transponders

In an effort to improve air traffic safety, the Federal Aviation Administration is moving towards automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADSB) and getting rid of radar, with all aircrafts mandated slated to be fitted with this equipment by 2020. Ensure your aircraft is compliant with this new mandate by bringing it into our shop. We can install the new transponder and replace the existing wires with new ones so that you can get back to the sky.

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