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Why choose us?

Superior Service

 We treat each customer like a partner every time we take on the task of any installation. All of our skilled technicians take pride in the work they do, knowing that our reputation is at stake with every job. Elite Avionics Service, Inc. ensures that our avionics installations provide trouble-free, high-quality performance that delivers the standards the avionics manufacturer promised year after year.

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Expert Avionics Consultants

All of our avionics consultants are well-versed experts. They have knowledge of all of the latest in avionics technology, as well as the older radios. You can be sure that when you talk to someone at Elite Avionics Service, Inc. you will be getting a recommendation based on years of experience from someone that knows the right equipment for your aircraft.

NO SALES TAX on most Avionics Installations

Tax Exempt

If your aircraft is over 12,000 pounds maximum certified takeoff weight, or your aircraft is from out of state you pay no additional sales tax on the cost of the avionics equipment or its installation at any one of Elite Avionics’ facilities in the state of Arkansas. This can result in thousands of dollars in savings!

Aircraft Pickup and Delivery

Short on time? Do you need help getting your aircraft picked up or delivered for avionics needs?
Contact us or call us today; maybe we can help.

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Saturday Service

Elite Avionics Service, Inc. in Springdale, AR now offers a limited number of Saturday services by appointment only! Are you tired of your old avionics panel but just can't find the time to fit an upgrade into your schedule? Contact us or call us today to find out more.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our work 100%. Avionics is a complex beast, but our staff has the knowledge and experience to do it right - the first time. And on the rare occurrence that there is a problem, you have our guarantee that we'll do whatever it takes to make it right.